About Michelle

As a procurement leader, Veteran, and mother, I bring a valuable and diverse perspective to resolving many challenges confronting Clark County.

I grew up in Clark County and have served in the United States Air Force and the United States Navy for a combined 24 years of service in many command leadership roles. Currently I am a civil servant with over twenty years in acquisition and procurement of multi-million-dollar construction and architect and engineering contracts.

This includes the management of budgets, planning and zoning policies, advisory boards, and county ordinances.  I pledge to be diligent and apply my comprehensive procurement experience. I want my sons to grow up here in Clark County in safe neighborhoods, respectful of others and believing that they can help make our communities a better place for everyone to live. I believe that government is here to serve the people and not the other way around. Taxes should be low and families should be protected to have the final say in how their kids are raised and live and we all should have the best opportunities ahead of us and not being taken away or threatened by the government overreach at the Federal, State or local levels.

As your representative I am committed to resolving problems in an effort to minimize the negative pandemic impacts from the last two years. Like how I’ve been throughout my military service, you can count on me being a ethical, transparent, and always a community-based member of the Clark County Council. I’ve proudly served our Country, and now I’d appreciate the opportunity to serve District 2.

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